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As one of the leading Egyptian companies in the field of air freight, the most important thing is to provide a team to sort the goods exported or imported and to identify the required packaging and equipment in order to maintain the first condition, as well as delivery on the same case to customers and provide the full equipment needed to secure the arrival of the shipment in place and time Specified to us by customers To consistently meet your freight deadlines, you need a global air freight provider that serves major business centers throughout the world. We combine decades of experience, an expansive global network and a broad global air freight portfolio – all designed to deliver on your demanding supply chain needs

Definition of air freight and what are the most important features.

Transportation of goods by aircraft from one place to another and from one country to another, including all information networks and actual transport of aircraft, equipment, warehouses, warehouses, handling equipment and packaging. Air freight is characterized by speed and the possibility of rapid response to transport requirements to meet the required emergency transport as in large disasters as well as the transport of perishable goods, medical materials and others. In view of the importance of the role of air cargo, many companies have developed cargo and cargo aircraft and increased the size of their absorption and supplied with large doors to allow the loading of large or long cargo and increased the hardness of the ground and equipped with solid rollers and points to install various types of cargo and provided some of the cranes along the airframe to move Different weights

Some were manufactured without windows. On the other hand, air transport companies have developed specialist air cargo departments or established new specialized air cargo companies. As demand for air cargo increased, airports began to build specialized air cargo handling pavilions, specialized air cargo companies and regular scheduled flights to transport air freight increased.


Air freight is the fastest and most accurate shipping type and flexibility in execution due to the variety of options available, the rates of service for shipments between airlines and the different prices, comprehensibility and compensation in case of loss or damage. The rapidly changing market data globally requires exporters to keep up their positions in these markets. So they must have a quick way to reach their goods in time to make the purchase. On the other hand, you should not forget the special nature of some goods that require fast movement to reach their destination such as vegetables and fruits which are preferred for the seller and the buyer to arrive on the same day picking them in order to get the highest price. The air cargo could fully realize this advantage because the use of modern aircraft with large loading capacity allowed for the loading of larger quantities of cargo. On the other hand, the expansion of the network of stations by the airlines provided great possibilities in reaching areas and cities that were difficult to reach as quickly as possible by land or sea . For shipment from Syria, air cargo includes the following stages:

To reach the peak in the service of all types of air shipments issued and received through a strong network with a large group of global agents around the world, allowing us to deliver your exports to anyone you want in record time and to receive your imports from any hand to reach them in your hands.

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