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Importance of Maritime Transport and Foreign Trade

A Introduction

The importance of maritime transport lies in the international trade process. Maritime transport is linked to the foreign trade movement because it is the main pillar and base for developing the movement of exports, imports and re-exports between the different countries of the world.

The more developed and improved means of shipping and the ports of freight and unloading increased the possibility of transport of goods between the various countries of the world and expanded the movement of foreign trade and the intentions of more spread and the creation of new outlets and commercial markets.

B end

The economic benefit of maritime transport means the extent to which the individual or society obtains the benefit at the specified time and place and according to the value and benefit of the material or goods.

C - Utility: - The ability of the thing to satisfy the individual of the goods or the performance of a particular service may be the services of maritime transport satisfy the desires of the shippers to transport their goods or carriers to meet their demands There are types of benefit achieved by maritime transport services are:

First, the benefit of time: - The process of storing goods and providing them for timely display, which is increasingly demand is a benefit of time such as seasonal goods, so the process of storage and saving of goods is not only by means of transport that achieve that benefit by moving from production places to places of consumption.

Second: Spatial benefit: - Achieve the spatial benefit of changing the places of the commodity from one country to another or from one region to another when the transfer of the product from the places of production to places of consumption, any place where the increase in supply to the place where the increasing demand is a spatial benefit of the goods. And the spatial benefit of a commodity is measured by the price difference between its production places and its places of consumption by the amount of the tax plus the insurance and fees.

Thirdly Mutual benefit Mutual benefit shall be obtained from the transfer of the rights of disposition of the goods through exchange between a person who does not benefit from them (the carrier) to another person who has the right to act and use them. The maritime carrier has no right to dispose of the goods or to benefit from them. He has the goods that he is entitled to dispose of, so the maritime transport achieves that benefit.

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