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Our company provides integrated service to its customers and works to meet all their demands in terms of international freight forwarding and internal transport with highly qualified drivers and supervisors to provide the best ground freight service under the supervision of a team of operations management to coordinate the logistics work and provide the best service in the fastest time and lowest cost.


Is a type of freight customary in the countries of the world through which the transfer of the purposes from one country to another by land and is one of the oldest shipping and the fastest and this is what distinguishes it from other shipping types also and is used often in the transfer of goods perishable damage, And the climatic conditions such as vegetables and fruit and goods of different sizes and large, which can not be loaded in containers and is considered the second most important means of transport after shipping, where shipping represents the mainstay of transport in the world of shipping. The land transport is the backbone of transportation between the neighboring countries and within the same state as it is the fastest way of transport in large shipments of large weights and is considered the most efficient and easy transport transport means 30% of the total cargo shipped around the world

- It carries out the transport of trucks of the following types

Heavy trucks Trucks are intended for heavy transport (trillions), which are many types -
- The refrigerated truck is closed and carries food and all goods requiring cooling or freezing -
 - Trucks dedicated to the transport of containers, including cars weighing average Altrela and cars heavy weight - heavy weight trila -
- Car carriers The usual loads in ground freight shall be in the range of 24 tons to 50 tons by type
 And capacity.

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